Vocation to specialization and versatility have brought our company, born more than fifty years ago bound to pipes sector, to having among their customers not only taps and fitting, but also aeronautics, medical, food, automotive, sports motorcycle, plumbing and heating, pneumatic, hydraulic and electricity sectors. We provide parts for special installations as much as for cutlery, home sector and even for high costume jewelry.
Our leadership built with their partners a skilled and motivated team , who have the objective to grant an excellence service from the design to the delivery , following the dictate of made in Italy tradition.
Engagement in human resources management, drafting of a personal growth project for each partner, respect safeguard for workers and environment makes Berti&Salina a company where ethical aspiration is as much valuable as technological development and one of the most dynamic and interesting reality of the sector.
Efficiency, timeliness, flexibility and short delivery time are the keyword of this beauty Italian reality.