The company’s goal has been to focus on the staff of our company.

Berti & Salina, mechanical industry for precision small metal parts has been founded in 1969 and It is the realization of the entrepreneurial dream of Giovanni Berti and Eugenio Salina.

A dream that is kept alive by the second generation: Giovanna and Massimo Berti. They are involved in administration, HR of production and commercial area.

We decided to focus on the staff of our company, in order to build an efficient and motivated team: the high attention on the needs of our customer decreed the affirmation and the success on Berti & Salina Market.

The continuous improvement of process and products required investments in productive and logistics structures, in new and more performing machinery and staff training.

Our motto is “Our strength is the Team and to persist  to do our best beside the difficulty  of the moment”.

Reliability and sensitivity are the strongest features of the company; this makes it a partner that grants to customers not only a quality product, but even technical, commercial and logistic high level support.